Know All About Firestopping Services & Their Usage

FSIME Constructions |Date : February 12, 2018
Know All About Firestopping Services & Their Usage

Is safety the major concern for you in your building? Do you wish to have the best solution for fire protection? If yes, then firestopping services will definitely help you out. We, at FSIME, are aimed at delivering the best firestop services in Dubai and are among the top-rated firestop contractors in the UAE. Let’s help you out in understanding the whole concept of firestop solution and explain how you can make the best use of it.

What is Firestopping?

As the name suggests, firestopping is a fire protection system which helps in making a building and the people inside secure from the fire spread. It is made up of various components which are mixed together to seal the joints and openings in the fire-resistant rated walls as well as floor assemblies. This practice of sealing the joints is done in all the places where a wall meets the roof, i.e., the top edges of a room. Its main objective is to stop the fire to travel from one part of the building to another so that spreading of fire can be controlled leading to fewer damages and losses of the assets.

The fire stop solutions consist three major elements which include

  • fire-rated walls, penetrated floors, and partitions;
  • cables, and cable trays which are useful in making the object creating penetration;
  • materials and the procedure which are used specifically to seal the penetrations to restrict the spreading of fire and smoke from one area to another.

These are just the basic elements. Our installation designers make sure to use the best quality resources so that the penetration remains permanent. Also, it is ensured that in case when renovations take place, the new installation of the firestopping solutions can be done without any hassle.

Where Are Firestop Services Used?

There have been found massive fire explosions in the past due to some small mistakes of the human, and sometimes because of some natural reasons. Due to such fire accidents, people now have started giving more importance to the fire protection measures while constructing their buildings. The firestop contractors in Dubai have the major concern of satisfying the varied fire stop requirements of the clients and that is why they are regularly bringing new innovations in the same stream. It is the responsibility of the construction industry to make all the efforts in order to develop solutions which can keep a hold on the fire spreads in the buildings or other premises.

These fire protection solutions are majorly required in the places where a large number of people visit on a regular basis such as hospitals, hotels, railway stations, airport, etc. Apart from this, every corporate house must also take into consideration the need for fire protection in their office premises to ensure the safety of the employees in cases of fire-related accidents. This is the reason, firestopping services are now becoming more common across the world and people have started understanding its importance. It is said many a time, “precaution is better than cure,” and the firestopping solutions work around the same principle. Having a fire security measure in the building can help you avoid various accidents which if not controlled may lead to heavy losses.

So why take risk when you can avail the world-class fire protection services in Dubai at a reasonable price. FSIME can help you get customised firestopping services that will serve all your safety needs. So get started now!

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