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Who we are

FSIME a specialist contrator operating in the passive fire safety arena. FSIME teams operate in firestopping, fireproofing, cladding solutions and expansion joints. These different area while unique scope by themselves can become complex when they intersect with each other.

  1. Who take resposibility during the transition from fireproofing to firestopping?
  2. When cladding solutions intesect the expansion joint?
  3. How is the firestopping and waterproofing treated?
  4. Who certifies the product warranty?
  5. Who is responsible for the workmanship?

‫Our team of engineers and technicians have a combined experience of 100+ years. Our strong relationship with manufactuers and in house engieering strength allow us to find solutions to these site conditions. Provide our client with the peace of mind that the solutions proposed will be fit for purpose and will be approved by Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) whoever they maybe from civil defense to airport fire marshalls

who we are

Our journey Towards success

FSIME beginnings tie in with the growth oft the UAE during the massive expansion of 2000s’. FSIME found its niche thanks to support from manufacturer who saw the potential in the entrepreneurial founder.


FSIME starts operations: Al Rawda Palace


Secures 6 packages at Hammad International Airport


Commences Expansion Joint divison with win at ADFC


Narang Projects established


Concourse 4 Expansion Secured


Commences Fireproofing division with ADIA


Secues Atlantis Scopes

Chairman Message

Chairman Message

FSIME was setup to serve the growing market for Fire and Safety Protection. Inline with the vision of His Excellency Shiekh Mohahammad Al Makhtoum under the guidance of Dubai Civil Defense to make the UAE one of the safest countires in the world.

FSIME has seen this vision executed by providing quality service and delivering projects on time. The steady growth and delivery of marquee projects has allowed FSIME to become a leading player in this space. We strive to bring innovative solutions to market and master their installation. Our goal is to drive operational excellence in every business category in which we operate.

None of this could be done without the hard work of the team at FSIME. Even with all the elements aligned we owe a deep debt of gratitude to our teams both past and present to bring FSIME to this level of sucess.

We foresee multiple years of exponential growth in the years ahead and wish for all your support in helping us achieve this.

Our Team


Our Vision & Mission

Vision: To be a leader in every business segment we operate in by providing solutions to customers and anticipate their needs before they know it and by delivering projects on time.

Mission: To provide our customers with the right solution and the right time where they can benefit from our expertise and by ensuring their success we ensure ours


  1. Quality is paramount, we will not compromise on quality. Our reputation is more important than anything else we do. We will not let ANYTHING get in the way of delivering a quality experience. – OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE.
  2. We are one tribe, we work and live as one our success comes through dependence on each other doing our jobs to the best of our ability and going beyond what is required.
  3. Customer Focus: We will delight our customers by providing the solution in order to ensure their jobs are completed on time.
  4. We will be value driven and not be in excess as only through this can we truly provide value to our customers. If it doesn’t add value why are we doing it?
  5. We will hire only the right person for the right job and hold them to excellence.
  7. Be Resourceful think out of the box, there is ALWAYS a solution.
  8. We will be liable and held accountable for our actions.
  9. Get the right information to right person on time.

Operational Excellence:

We will focus on delivering value to the customer, which through our expertise in operations we will drive down the cost of delivering each and every service we provide. By increasing the efficiency of processes through the use of technology and investment in training. We will be the lost cost producer of our service without compromising on our quality of output.

Our Manpower

We are constantly indulged in bringing innovations and developments in the construction industry in Dubai to facilitate the clients with high sophistication in their building structures. We have been able to make this journey so successful with our effective, skilled, and efficient team of manpower. From designing to development, the members of our team have major experience in their respective domains and are well-versed with the industrial standards to provide the solutions that speak their worth. Since inception, our manpower has raised to a great extent just not in numbers but in quality and expertise to let you avail the best-class construction services in UAE.


Why Choose us

FSIME is an FM 4991 certified installer has installed over 1,000,000 penetrations and over 1,000,000 linear meter of firestop joints from projects ranging from Airports to Sub Stations; we have seen it all and our vast experience and work force allows us to deliver to our client satisfaction.

<h4>Customized Solutions</h4>

Customized Solutions

We study your project needs and Specifications. With evolution of construction technology every building evolves and we provide unto date solutions.

<h4>Work Force</h4>

Work Force

Our trained engineers and DRI (Designated Responsible Individuals) are trained by manufacturers, certified by both FM (Factory Mutual) and local civil defense.



With our knowledgable engineers and trained technicians we have the ability to ramp up and deliver based on different programs depending on which stage of the program a job is at.

Our Clients

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