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Expansion Joints


FSIME is a renowned sub-contractor for supply and application of expansion joints Dubai in the Middle East, with specialisation in developing customer-oriented solutions with timely supply & installation. With more than a decade’s experience in expansion joint installations, we aim to eliminate the guesswork and provide a cost-effective solution for the challenging projects. We work in collaboration with our clients to ensure minimisation of wastage and errors in estimation as well as development.


After reviewing project specifications followed by site visits and consultation with the project team, we provide tailored solutions as per the site’s requirements. Being product agnostic and having years of experience working with manufacturers such as Construction Specialities, Emseal, Willseal, Dinac, BASF, Vextcolt, Arfen, Asteknik and Ankarateknik, we guarantee the best prices and provide a bespoke solution to your needs.


At FSIME, we have a wide range of expansion joint solutions from various manufacturers. This allows us to educate the client on the pros and cons of each solution, and then consult in the decision making process while keeping the clients budget and time in consideration as a priority.

Expansion Joints Cover
Expansion Joints

Expansion Joints Cover


The building expansion joint covers is the assembly which is designed in order to absorb the temperature-induced expansion and contraction of the construction material in a safe manner. It is done to absorb vibration and holding of parts together, or for the purpose of allowing the movement during ground settlements or earthquakes.

Why Choose Us?

Our experienced team of engineers and relationship with manufacturers allows us to provide tailor made solutions for the projects we work on. From basic cover plates to complex mechanical profiles our team has experience in installing them all. Our experience shows us that most contractors order excess materials do to wastage consideration and improper installation.

FSIME with our years of experience can eliminate the guess work out of the estimation and installation process. Our engineers and estimators work together to ensure minimal wastage and hence the best price for the contractor.

Profiles are designed for seismic movements which occurs in a building day to day. Whether in car parks or in bridges expansion and compression are common place. By using expansion joint this allows the designer to provide practical usage based on the load during any point of the day.

We have a research and development team which thoroughly analyses the structure requirements and use high-quality material to deliver world-class expansion joint covers. Here are the reasons which make us different -

  • Top Class Raw Material
  • Well-Researched Solutions
  • Cost Effective
  • Timely Completion of the Job
  • Regular Maintenance & Supervision
  • Expertise & Experience

Avail the best-in-class building expansion joint covers at a pocket-friendly cost right here to secure your business place and make it far better.

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